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Do you need to purchase aircraft instruments or avionics parts such as 571-25005-321, AW-1-7/8-17-CZ4, 165-012-252, S1513N2, 64141-361-1? NSN Components, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, has numerous instrument parts and systems in stock and ready to ship. ASAP is committed to streamlining the parts procurement process for our customers, with user-friendly search engines that can browse by manufacturer, part type, NSN, or CAGE code. Every part goes through multiple quality assurance checks to ensure that the parts we sell are up to industry standards, and our dedicated account managers are always ready to come up with solutions to the issues our customers face. Do you need an Aircraft Instruments and Avionics Parts from Idc, Us Gauge, Avien, Standard Precision, Sextant? The ASAP team is ready to help you.

Part No Manufacturer Description RFQ
571-25005-321 IDC altimeter RFQ
AW-1-7/8-17-CZ4 US Gauge oil & hydraulic pressure gauge RFQ
165-012-252 Avien fuel quantity tank unit RFQ
S1513N2 Standard Precision fuel flow indicator RFQ
64141-361-1 Sextant altimeter RFQ
RC30V10 Aerosonic vertical speed indicator RFQ
27-2000-7 R C Allen manifold pressure indicator RFQ
570-23932-012 IDC altimeter RFQ
8DJ175LXT1 Ametek/GE turbine gas temp indicator RFQ
B45451-10-011 Kollsman altimeter RFQ
600748 Sperry roll and pitch control RFQ
6246-00474 Rochester fuel quantity indicator RFQ
1648-6U-A6-1 Bendix vertical speed indicator RFQ
8.148.003 Aeritalia gyroscopic horizon ind RFQ
1159SCAV408-2 Flightline Systems airspeed indicator RFQ
P3A-M3A Astronautics autopilot RFQ
521-29007-036 IDC altimeter RFQ
100-380006-83 Gull fuel quantity tank unit RFQ
622-0181-001 Collins rate gyroscope RFQ
64141-520-1 Thomson altimeter RFQ
31101-B7 Bendix altitude encoder RFQ
522-29711-4603 IDC altimeter RFQ
571-25005-052 IDC altimeter RFQ
585-37470-011 Kollsman fuel used indicator RFQ
CN-1525/ASN-134 Lear Siegler displacement gyroscope RFQ
JG131A10 Honeywell fuel quantity indicator RFQ
534-23070-651 IDC airspeed indicator RFQ
8TJ9PY10 Ametek/GE position transmitter RFQ
RCA40-03 R C Allen tachometer indicator RFQ
30100-1-3.00 Pacific Airmotive relief valve RFQ
656557 Sperry directional gyro indicator RFQ
9009-3009 Insco oil temp/press. indicator RFQ
165-059-992 Avien fuel quantity tank unit RFQ
504-0001-921 AIM horizon reference indicator RFQ
EA58BC-764 Liquidometer fuel quantity tank unit RFQ
AF-295A Cessna autopilot RFQ
8TJ54GAM2 Ametek/GE fuel flow transmitter RFQ
501-1209-01 JET displacement gyroscope RFQ
727MV/24 Smith Industries temperature indicator RFQ
22-293- ( ) Weston temperature indicator RFQ
730833C Sundstrand avionics cooling refrig. unit RFQ
314200-20-01 Lear Siegler altimeter RFQ
6300-A9A-1-A3 Eclipse Pioneer autosyn indicator RFQ
673613-5 Sperry amplifier RFQ
19B434 AID fuel quantity indicator RFQ
156555-03-01 Lear Siegler displacement gyroscope RFQ
X-70BP-1 Chicago Flex Shaft tachometer indicator RFQ
25100-C8A-1-B3 Eclipse Pioneer autosyn indicator RFQ
1782356-11 Sperry vertical gyroscope RFQ
6300-B4C-15-A1 Eclipse Pioneer autosyn indicator RFQ
37-2-7600-7 Simmonds adjustment box RFQ
JG7039A Honeywell fuel quantity tank unit RFQ
7502BC Series Honeywell radar altimeter systems RFQ
107064-01 Lear Siegler compass system controller RFQ
6007-1E-7-A Eclipse Pioneer manifold pressure indicator RFQ
673613-8 Sperry amplifier RFQ
22-293 Electric Auto-Lite Co temperature indicator RFQ
504-0032-911 AIM attitude gyroscope RFQ
M3500-7 R C Allen turn and slip indicator RFQ
6800-C2B-44-A2 Eclipse Pioneer autosyn indicator RFQ
RCA40B-01 R C Allen tachometer indicator RFQ
PW/727MV/BU/34/700 Smith Industries temperature indicator RFQ
AF-550A Cessna nav-o-matic autopilot RFQ
521-29007-012 IDC altimeter RFQ
8DJ11PBS11 Ametek/GE position indicator RFQ
6019-30C-3-B Eclipse Pioneer flap position transmitter RFQ
785086-1-004 Hamilton Sundstrand digital propeller synchrophase RFQ
585-31654-002 IDC fuel flow indicator RFQ
8DJ175LWK2-T Ametek/GE egt indicator RFQ
119890 Astronautics indicator RFQ
540-20545-008 IDC altitude alerter RFQ
EA-1403-1 Electric Auto-Lite Co vertical speed indicator RFQ
AW2823AK08 Ametek/US Gauge airspeed indicator RFQ
2594466-902 Honeywell airspeed indicator RFQ
465-45812 Alcor egt indicator RFQ
110077 Weston temperature indicator RFQ
1C535-1 Century Flight Systems altitude hold RFQ
393084-054 Simmonds fuel quantity indicator RFQ
549E725G4 Ametek/GE autopilot coupler RFQ
SEL-019BD Ametek/GE turbine temperature indicator RFQ
8DJ21ACN Ametek/GE liquid quantity indicator RFQ
117662 Weston temperature indicator RFQ
G5186000100 Kollsman radar altitude indicator RFQ
8TJ9PAV Ametek/GE position transmitter RFQ
WL706RSA3 Ametek/GE turbine gas temp indicator RFQ

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