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Do you need to purchase aircraft instruments or avionics parts such as 762MV/BU/7, 169D-910-11L, 131080-01, 2CM9AAA6, KCS 55A? NSN Components, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, has numerous instrument parts and systems in stock and ready to ship. ASAP is committed to streamlining the parts procurement process for our customers, with user-friendly search engines that can browse by manufacturer, part type, NSN, or CAGE code. Every part goes through multiple quality assurance checks to ensure that the parts we sell are up to industry standards, and our dedicated account managers are always ready to come up with solutions to the issues our customers face. Do you need an Aircraft Instruments and Avionics Parts from Smith Industries, Sigma Tek, Lear Siegler, Ametek/Ge, Bendix King? The ASAP team is ready to help you.

Part No Manufacturer Description RFQ
762MV/BU/7 Smith Industries temperature indicator RFQ
169D-910-11L Sigma Tek oil temperature indicator RFQ
131080-01 Lear Siegler attitude indicator RFQ
2CM9AAA6 Ametek/GE tach generator RFQ
KCS 55A Bendix King pictorial navigation system RFQ
EA1030-793 Liquidometer fuel quantity tank unit RFQ
297-2S AIM directional gyroscope RFQ
0201KTU32 Smith Industries fuel quantity tank unit RFQ
22105-19-A5-1 Eclipse Pioneer torque pressure transmitter RFQ
6007-64A-30-B Eclipse Pioneer manifold pressure indicator RFQ
314200-08-01 Lear Siegler altimeter RFQ
Aim TS200-4 AIM turn and slip indicator RFQ
B118-65 Liquidometer fuel quantity indicator RFQ
4013 Series United Instruments pulse sensitive indicator RFQ
RCA25A-1 R C Allen gyroscope RFQ
JG131A71 Honeywell fuel quantity indicator RFQ
H60-103 Jack & Heintz tach generator RFQ
4034242-903 Honeywell flt. guid. cntrl panel RFQ
C45501-10-102 Kollsman altimeter RFQ
518-16007-332 IDC altimeter RFQ
36700-1A-1-A1 Pioneer Central fuel flow indicator RFQ
1130-014 Kollsman altimeter RFQ
8DJ142LWN2 Ametek/GE fuel flow indicator RFQ
C2796000004 Kollsman altitude controller RFQ
SRDS-15C US Gauge thrust indicator RFQ
G991-02-1A Weston vertical speed indicator RFQ
504-0045-() L3 Communications gyroscope RFQ
AF-512B Cessna nav-o-matic 300 RFQ
EA326-15 Liquidometer position indicator RFQ
164-010-3 Avien fuel quantity amplifier RFQ
134694 Weston frequency meter RFQ
WL/111 AMA/JA/1 Smith Industries airspeed indicator RFQ
3-102-43 UMA torque indicator RFQ
164-010 Avien fuel quantity amplifier RFQ
H-1 Kollsman altimeter RFQ
8DJ176LZE2 Ametek/GE engine core speed indicator RFQ
47B504B Lewis temperature indicator RFQ
62-2028 SDI power supply RFQ
8KD1AB2 Ametek/GE master direction indicator RFQ
217-003-016 Gull fuel quantity indicator RFQ
AF200 Aerosonic cabin pressure indicator RFQ
B118-72 Simmonds fuel quantity indicator RFQ
601969-106 Sperry roll and pitch control RFQ
8DJ81LBC2 Ametek/GE tachometer indicator RFQ
AN5536-2 Weston temperature indicator RFQ
C18135-10-009 Kollsman airspeed indicator RFQ
100-380006-43 Gull fuel quantity tank unit RFQ
PW/727MV/BU/44/700 Smith Industries temperature indicator RFQ
KTD-0621 Smith Industries tachometer indicator RFQ
AK319 Electric Auto-Lite Co automatic flight system RFQ
101580 Astronautics bearing distance heading ind RFQ
7601-2-A5-1 Eclipse Pioneer pressure transmitter RFQ
PW/727MV/BU/5 Smith Industries temperature indicator RFQ
731KNL-010 Kollsman climb indicator RFQ
1354-0111302 Kollsman tach generator RFQ
B3668910015 Kollsman cabin altimeter RFQ
AS22-23 Siren mechanical control of release RFQ
H4170 Howell pyrometer potentiometer RFQ
7000469-923 Sperry horizontal situation ind RFQ
TJ-17 Ametek/GE fuel quantity tank unit RFQ
SEL-OC29DA Ametek/GE tachometer indicator RFQ
SG6A-1 Honeywell power supply RFQ
340-36-1210 Mac Leod Instrument Corp. climb indicator RFQ
570-23932-011 IDC altimeter RFQ
15510-1-B Eclipse Pioneer altitude controller RFQ
601696-100 Sperry roll and pitch control RFQ
144700-01-01 Lear Siegler attitude indicator RFQ
143960-01 Lear Siegler attitude and heading reference RFQ
JG7040E Honeywell fuel quantity tank unit RFQ
661953 Sperry amplifier RFQ
V5000-121 Valcor shut-off valve RFQ
EA1062A-998A Liquidometer fuel quantity tank unit RFQ
1461FX-8-03 Kollsman tachometer indicator RFQ
52D167M Electric Auto-Lite Co artificial horizon RFQ
8DJ81LWR2 Ametek/GE tachometer indicator RFQ
8TJ13LAF Ametek/GE liquid quantity transmitter RFQ
EA515-320 Liquidometer fuel quantity tank unit RFQ
607512-1 Garrett temperature sensor RFQ
5950-100A-12-A Eclipse Pioneer relative humidity indicator RFQ
5907-70A-2-A Eclipse Pioneer fuel flow indicator RFQ
1U149-018 Sigma Tek gyroscope RFQ
410-15BL-201 Meletron pressure activated switch RFQ
KNI-510 Bendix King course indicator RFQ
727MV/BU/14 Smith Industries temperature indicator RFQ
KMA24H-50/54 Bendix King audio selector panel RFQ

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