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Sensata Technologies Inc is just one of many manufacturers we source parts from at NSN Components. From Sensata Technologies Inc, we source parts like IPG1-62-153-90-V, LELK1-1REC4-30326-75, IEG111-23980-1-V, UPL111-1-66F-153, IMG6-1REC4-32767-25-V. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B accredited company. Our dedicated account managers are ready and waiting to help you with every step of the parts procurement process, and can respond to your Instant RFQ, which you can submit from this screen.

Part No RFQ
IPG1-62-153-90-V RFQ
LELK1-1REC4-30326-75 RFQ
IEG111-23980-1-V RFQ
UPL111-1-66F-153 RFQ
IMG6-1REC4-32767-25-V RFQ
IEGBX6-1REG4-36659-30-V RFQ
IEG11-1-42-20.0-01 RFQ
IEG66-32581-2-V RFQ
IPAP-1-36588-5 RFQ
IEGBX6-33582-10-V RFQ
IEG66-32061-15-V RFQ
LELK1-1REC4-27129-941 RFQ
LELHPB11-1REC4-33247-125-V RFQ
IEG26-29422-2-V RFQ
IEG6666-26797-1-V RFQ
IMLK1-32176-6 RFQ
UPGN111-25412-1 RFQ
LELK0-35895-101 RFQ
IDLK1-34294-5 RFQ
IEG62-35905-20-V RFQ
LELK12-1REC5-39689-60-G1 RFQ
UPGN662-30766-2 RFQ
IEG111-31032-1-V RFQ
IEGBX1-36482-5-V RFQ
IUG1-1REC4-37320-3 RFQ
IEG66-32379-3-V RFQ
LELK11-31486-2-V RFQ
IEGBX111-34231-1-V RFQ
LELK1-1REC4-27129-999 RFQ
IELK1-31306-4-V RFQ
IUG2-28668-1 RFQ
LELHK11-33860-30-V RFQ
IDLNK1-1REC5-34272-4 RFQ
UPGN11-1-59-502 RFQ
IEG6-32133-1-V RFQ
LELBXB1-1REC4-38616-70 RFQ
LELK0-33447-100 RFQ
IMGB6-1RLS4-39669-35-V RFQ
IEG2-70237-1-V RFQ
LELK1-1RS4-30452-20 RFQ
IEGHF666-33761-20-V RFQ
IML1-1RLS4-29953-50 RFQ
IELK21-30869-1-V RFQ
IELK12-32814-50-V RFQ
LELBXK11-39014-40-V RFQ
LELHK11-1REG4-31653-20-V RFQ
IUGBXF6-33037-35 RFQ
LELHK11-2REC4-32773-23 RFQ
LELK1-1REC4-31735-100-V RFQ
UPGHF66-33699-25 RFQ
IMLK1-1RLS4-26244-13-V RFQ
UPGHF666-30513-20 RFQ
IELK1-31738-60 RFQ
IUG666-36009-6 RFQ
UPL111-28482-13 RFQ
IEG111-29196-1-V RFQ
UPGN62-29042-1 RFQ
LELBXK1-1REC4-33566-50-V RFQ
IEGHF66-36904-20-V RFQ
IEG266-29578-2-V RFQ
IUG1-31133-5 RFQ
IEG6-33717-7-V RFQ
LELK1-1REC4-29164-2 RFQ
UPGN69-23834-1 RFQ
IELK2-30829-1 RFQ
UPGHF66-30514-21 RFQ
IEG1-35699-2-V RFQ
IEG1-1-62-15.0-A-01-V RFQ
IEG1-36446-30-V RFQ
IEG2-27259-4-V RFQ
LELBXK1-39010-10-V RFQ
IELK1-33195-23 RFQ
IEGHF666-30298-252-V RFQ
IEG1-36548-20-V RFQ
UPL0-1REC4-28341-1 RFQ
LELK1-1REC4-39538-25-V RFQ
IPAP-1-37098-20 RFQ
IUG11-1REC4-38455-1 RFQ
LELK12-1REC5-37520-50-G1 RFQ
UPL111-23736-1 RFQ
LELHK111-36770-40 RFQ
IEG66-31564-20-V RFQ
LELBXK11-38869-50-V RFQ
IEG66-29764-3-V RFQ
LELK1-1REC4-31810-25-V RFQ
UPGX11-27347-1 RFQ
IEG6-32437-1-V RFQ
IEG66-39150-1-V RFQ
UPGH68-31140-1 RFQ
UPGX662-21769-1 RFQ
LELBX1-34699-15-V RFQ
IEG1-1-72-20.0-91-V RFQ
IEG6-36902-3-V RFQ
IEG1-36471-15-UV RFQ
IEG662-29171-2-V RFQ
IUG1-1REC4-36911-1 RFQ
IEG1-1-63-20.0-91-V RFQ
IELK1-31422-30-V RFQ
IEG1-34863-20-V RFQ
IMG1-1RLS5-33601-15-V RFQ
IEG6-36489-20-V RFQ
IELXK1111-35866-10-V RFQ
UPGHF66-30513-29 RFQ
IEG6-36726-7-V RFQ
UPGN6-1-51-303 RFQ
LELK1-1REC4-70153-16-V RFQ
LELK1-1RS4-27129-944 RFQ
LELBXB1-1REC4-38616-60 RFQ
LELK11-36319-70 RFQ
IUG1-32024-2 RFQ
IMLHK111-2R-33951-50 RFQ
LELK12-1REC5-38460-35-G1-V RFQ
IMLK1-1RS4-35266-60 RFQ
UPGX1-1-61-153-C-91 RFQ
IEGHM111-31437-1-V RFQ
IEG66-34528-30-V RFQ
IEG1-34919-6-C RFQ
IELK1111-32705-1-V RFQ
IEGHS11-25319-040-V RFQ
IEGBX1-32432-18-V RFQ
LELBXK1-34119-100-V RFQ
IUGBXF66-32452-10 RFQ
IEG666-30695-2-V RFQ
IEG6-34582-1-V RFQ
LELK1-1REC4R-33939-80-V RFQ
LELK1-1REC4-34926-10 RFQ
IELK1-31738-5 RFQ
LELK1-1RS4-30452-35 RFQ
IEG6-33717-1-V RFQ
UPGHF66-30514-22 RFQ
IMLC1-1RLS4-28052-5 RFQ
LELHPK11-33172-1-V RFQ
LELHK11-32848-1-V RFQ
LELHK11-1REC5-33001-026 RFQ
IMLK1-32176-30 RFQ
LELHK111-31006-4-V RFQ
IMLB1-1REC4-36488-20-V RFQ
IUG1-25777-1 RFQ
IMLK1-33032-7 RFQ
IEGBX1-34595-2-V RFQ
LELK11-31475-30-V RFQ
LELHK111-36877-20-V RFQ
UPGN66-1-64-203 RFQ
UPGH6666-24913-1 RFQ
IEGBX1-1REC5-33645-20-V RFQ
LELK1-1REC4-29475-4 RFQ
IEGBX6-33878-1-V RFQ
UPL111-1REC5-42F-253 RFQ
UPGX666-1REC5-21769-3 RFQ
LELHPK11-32418-125-V RFQ
LELBXB11-34311-30 RFQ
IELK1-38708-50B-V RFQ
IUG1-32024-6 RFQ
UPGN6-28540-4 RFQ
LELHPK11-32411-1-V RFQ
IEG66-28195-5-V RFQ
LELK1-1REC4-27129-947 RFQ
IEG1111-36913-1-V RFQ
IUG1-31133-4 RFQ
LELBXK11-36038-2-V RFQ
LELHPK111-31584-200 RFQ
IEGHS11-28637-01-V RFQ
LELK1-1REC4-31810-30-V RFQ
IEGBX6-1REC5-35752-1-V RFQ
IEG6-1-52-10.0-A-01-V RFQ
IEG11-34066-30-UV RFQ
LELK12-1REC5-38951-50-G2-V RFQ
IPA-1-34022-1-T RFQ
IUG2-28668-2 RFQ
IMLB1-1REC4-36488-100 RFQ
IEGBX6-32778-18-V RFQ
IPA-1-1REC4-36362-2 RFQ
LELHPK111-1REC4-31812-200 RFQ
IEG66-29550-1-V RFQ
IELR1-34003-1-V RFQ
IEGBX6-33821-40-V RFQ
LELHPK11-1REC4-31753-150-V RFQ
LELK11-36098-40-V RFQ
IPAH-66-32786-20-T RFQ
UPL111-28482-2 RFQ
UPGX6-9842-1 RFQ
IEG6-33717-14-V RFQ
IMGF6-1RLS5-32754-1-V RFQ
IUG10-2REC5-33058-1 RFQ
IPAP-1-36588-25 RFQ
IMLHK111-2REG4-32879-4-V RFQ
LELBXK1-36267-20-V RFQ
IUG2-1REC4-30339-2 RFQ
IMLC1-1RLS4-28052-3 RFQ
LELH11-33218-15-V RFQ
UPL1111-2REC2-20707-1 RFQ
IELZXK11-32680-1-V RFQ
IPGH66-1-66-752-20-V RFQ
IELK1111-1REC4-33713-3-V RFQ
LELHPK11-1REC4-30916-150 RFQ
LELHK111-1REG4-36103-75-V RFQ
IEG1-32982-2-V RFQ
IELZXK1-33250-10-V RFQ
IMG1-1RLS5-33601-30-V RFQ
LELK1-1RS4-31840-63-V RFQ

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