What Causes Blower Motor Failure?

Blower motors play a critical role in forced-air systems, enabling the circulation of conditioned air throughout varying environments. As is the case with many complex apparatuses, blower motors are also susceptible to breakdowns or failure. Usually going unnoticed for a while, blower motor failure can put stress on the system’s compressor, shortening its service life as a result.

Some of the most common reasons for failure include old age, failed bearings, dirt accumulation, loss of lubricants, failed run capacitors, and more. That being said, technicians should inspect the blower motor to locate the malfunction. Mechanical failure can be remedied by testing to see if the bearings are in working condition and if the wheel spins freely.

It is important to note that insufficient lubrication of the bearings can cause the assembly to overheat. Additionally, one should listen for garbled noises and check to see if the motor is drawing high current. Such occurrences indicate that the bearings may be worn out, causing excessive drag. 

In terms of electrical failure, one must verify that the circuit board is applying the correct voltage to the motor. Furthermore, failing capacitors can also cause issues when water gets into the motor windings and other associated components. However, if the capacitors are working optimally and the motor still does not run, there may be a greater problem with the assembly.

Once the issue has been sorted out, your operations can restart as normal. Keep in mind that while recurring blower motor failure is uncommon, it does happen and finding the root cause is paramount. If the issue is dirt accumulation within the internal structures of the blower motor, an in-depth cleaning serves as an easy fix.

If problems with the blower motor persist, one might benefit from replacing the motor with one of the same make, model, and caliber. When it comes to acquiring replacement motors, one must ensure that an OEM motor is sourced. This is due to the fact that a majority of these motors are typically programmed at the factory for the particular system at hand. For instance, a motor utilized for a truck cannot be used for a refrigeration system.

Once you have located a motor that suits your applications, the motor must be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This ensures that you achieve the correct rotation on the blower wheel and it performs as required. As such, motor specifications such as size, weight, rotational capacity, and more should be considered when sourcing a replacement motor.

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