What Is a Barebone Computer and How Does It Differ From Other Computers?

When you have a good computer, you can carry out your tasks with ease. Barebone computers in particular are incredibly reliable as these high-tech machines are specially constructed for high performance and high endurance jobs. In fact, they have become the go-to choice for professional gamers, big business industries, and IT and Networking sectors. However, many are unfamiliar with the complexity of barebone computers and often conflate them with standard PCs, but this is not the case.

Barbone is a term utilized to describe a partially built personal computer, or a computer system that is composed of only the essential components like the power supply, motherboard, memory, etc., all of which allow it to function optimally. Barebone computers are generally selected by users who only necessitate the basic components because they want to customize the other aspects by adding unique high-tech devices.

When making a purchasing decision, you must ensure all the components you need are featured on your barebone computer. For additional components like a mouse or keyboard, it can get pricey so consider all your buying options before picking a distributor. As previously mentioned, there are essential hardware components that every barebone should have, those of which we will cover below.


Serving as one of the most important parts of a barebone computer, the frame, or chassis, is the shell and skeleton of the computer system. Additionally, it is still spacious enough to install extra hardware components.


Considered the backbone of the computer, all the hardware components are directly connected to the motherboard.

Power Supply

Without power supply, computers cannot operate. Typically, all the devices and components affixed to the computer acquire power directly from the source.

Book Size Barebone

Book size barebones are also available and provide a slim and sharp look. Usually, these are furnished with a customer designed motherboard and power supply to go along with this type.

Mini Cube Barebone

Mini cube barebones provide ample space for a cooling fan and CD/DVD ROM, despite being half the size of standard variations.


As described above, a barebone PC differs from conventional personal computers. As they are made for high performance, PC industries are greatly taking advantage of these high-tech machines. Due to the customizable architecture, barebone computers are garnering popularity in a myriad of industry verticals.

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