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At NSN Components, you can find part numbers like 598-8110-107F, 22-03-2081-P, 598-8140-107F, LB-1224, 598-8160-107F sourced from Gc Waldom Electronics. Stocking over six billion part numbers from aviation and electronic component manufacturers, we are proud to be an FAA 0056B accredited and AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified company, as well as the only independent distributor to make a No China Sourcing pledge. If you’d like to get a quote for parts by Gc Waldom Electronics, simply fill out and submit an Instant RFQ from this page, and receive a response within fifteen minutes.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
598-8110-107F dialight - 598-8110-107f - led, red, 40mcd, 635nm Avl RFQ
22-03-2081-P header connector Avl RFQ
598-8140-107F dialight - 598-8140-107f - led, yellow, 130mcd, 595nm Avl RFQ
LB-1224 stancor - lb-1224 - power transformer Avl RFQ
598-8160-107F dialight - 598-8160-107f - led, yellow green, 40mcd, 575nm Avl RFQ
598-8281-107F dialight - 598-8281-107f - led, green, 300mcd, 523nm Avl RFQ
RW3R0DB24R0J ohmite - rw3r0db24r0j - Avl RFQ
598-8230-107F dialight - 598-8230-107f - led, orange, 110mcd, 610nm Avl RFQ
598-8250-107F dialight - 598-8250-107f - led, yellow, 130mcd, 590nm Avl RFQ
598-8380-107F dialight - 598-8380-107f - led, 2mm, green, 220mcd, 523nm Avl RFQ
598-8510-207F dialight - 598-8510-207f - led, 2mm, red / green, 1208 Avl RFQ
598-8040-107F dialight - 598-8040-107f - led, yellow, 130mcd, 595nm Avl RFQ
AA591262601 concord electronics - aa59126/2601 - Avl RFQ
598-8430-207F dialight - 598-8430-207f - Avl RFQ
STA-4850 stancor - sta-4850 - power supply, external, plug-in, 5v Avl RFQ
09-9018-1-063 concord electronics - 09-9018-1-063 - Avl RFQ
MS25036-115-CLASS-2 concord electronics - ms25036-115-class-2 - Avl RFQ
TWM10J10K ohmite - twm10j10k - Avl RFQ
598-8270-107F dialight - 598-8270-107f - led, green, 20mcd, 570nm Avl RFQ
598-8070-107F dialight - 598-8070-107f - led, green, 20mcd, 570nm Avl RFQ
598-8170-107F dialight - 598-8170-107f - led, green, 20mcd, 570nm Avl RFQ
22-03-2021-P connector Avl RFQ
STA-4875 stancor - sta-4875 - psu, ext, plug-in, 7.5v, 7.5w Avl RFQ
252-9951-0937-801 dialight - 252-9951-0937-801 - sub min. incand. ind. Avl RFQ
TTPC-2 stancor - ttpc-2 - line matching transformer Avl RFQ
598-8220-107F dialight - 598-8220-107f - led, red orange, 150mcd, 625nm Avl RFQ
598-8260-107F dialight - 598-8260-107f - led, yellow green, 40mcd, 575nm Avl RFQ
SW-316 stancor - sw-316 - printed circuit transformer Avl RFQ
598-8120-107F dialight - 598-8120-107f - led, red orange, 150mcd, 625nm Avl RFQ
598-8130-107F dialight - 598-8130-107f - led, orange, 150mcd, 610nm Avl RFQ
35-0530-00BU NA Avl RFQ
598-8050-107F dialight - 598-8050-107f - led, yellow, 130mcd, 590nm Avl RFQ
598-8060-107F dialight - 598-8060-107f - led, yellow green, 40mcd, 575nm Avl RFQ
327-0075 dialight - 327-0075 - switch cap Avl RFQ
598-8150-107F dialight - 598-8150-107f - led, yellow, 130mcd, 590nm Avl RFQ
GSD-75 stancor - gsd-75 - auto transformer Avl RFQ
598-8621-207F dialight - 598-8621-207f - led, 2mm x 2.7mm, orange-red/green, 1 Avl RFQ
GSD-350 stancor - gsd-350 - auto transformer Avl RFQ
45-5739-00BU NA Avl RFQ
556-3204-304 dialight - 556-3204-304 - indicator, led panel mnt, green, 24v Avl RFQ
P-8397 stancor - p-8397 - power transformer Avl RFQ
592-9016 stancor - 592-9016 - transformer Avl RFQ
521-9901-802F dialight - 521-9901-802f - Avl RFQ
DSW-412 stancor - dsw-412 - printed circuit transformer Avl RFQ
598-8610-207F dialight - 598-8610-207f - led, 2mm x 2.7mm, red / green, 1210 Avl RFQ
598-8240-107F dialight - 598-8240-107f - led, yellow, 130mcd, 595nm Avl RFQ
507-3918-1435-600F dialight - 507-3918-1435-600f - Avl RFQ
10-251-1R gc electronics - 10-251-1r - acid brush, no. 1, 6in, horse hair Avl RFQ
40J400E ohmite - 40j400e - Avl RFQ
598-8081-107F dialight - 598-8081-107f - led, green, 300mcd, 523nm Avl RFQ
598-8710-307F dialight - 598-8710-307f - led, 1.6mmx1.6mm, red/green/blue, 060 Avl RFQ
598-8010-107F dialight - 598-8010-107f - led, red, 40mcd, 635nm Avl RFQ
AVS107M50G24T-F cornell dubilier - avs107m50g24t-f - Avl RFQ
598-8070-102F dialight - 598-8070-102f - Avl RFQ
09-50-8051-P connector Avl RFQ
598-8191-107F dialight - 598-8191-107f - led, blue, 140mcd, 473nm Avl RFQ
P-8575 stancor - p-8575 - power transformer Avl RFQ
598-8091-107F dialight - 598-8091-107f - led, blue, 140mcd, 473nm Avl RFQ
P-8618 stancor - p-8618 - transformer Avl RFQ
T-2649F connectors Avl RFQ
095-3171 dialight - 095-3171 - min. panel ind. Avl RFQ
598-8450-207F dialight - 598-8450-207f - led, 1.6mm x 1.6mm, yellow / green, 0 Avl RFQ
79664 contact Avl RFQ
22-23-2051-P connector Avl RFQ
598-8610-307F dialight - 598-8610-307f - led, 2mm x 2.7mm, red/green/blue, 121 Avl RFQ
598-8291-107F dialight - 598-8291-107f - led, blue, 140mcd, 473nm Avl RFQ
GMA-500-R cooper bussmann - gma-500-r - Avl RFQ
598-8310-107F dialight - 598-8310-107f - led, 2mm, red, 70mcd, 635nm Avl RFQ
598-8410-207F dialight - 598-8410-207f - led, 1.6mm x 1.6mm, red / green, 0606 Avl RFQ
STA-5713AC stancor - sta-5713ac - psu, external, plug-in, 13.5v Avl RFQ
598-8030-107F dialight - 598-8030-107f - led, orange, 150mcd, 610nm Avl RFQ
598-8210-107F dialight - 598-8210-107f - led, red, 80mcd, 635nm Avl RFQ
790-7025-12 concord electronics - 790-7025-12 - Avl RFQ
095-3171-003 dialight - 095-3171-003 - Avl RFQ
598-8181-107F dialight - 598-8181-107f - led, green, 300mcd, 523nm Avl RFQ
22J33RE ohmite - 22j33re - wirewound resistor vitreous enamel 20 series Avl RFQ

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