As anywhere from eight thousand to twenty thousand aircraft navigate the skies at once, when on the ground and in need of maintenance, it is imperative that engineers and mechanics can swiftly identify the correct vehicle in need of inspection. For this purpose, every aircraft comes affixed with an exterior aerospace nameplate. As new mandates and federal regulations continue to emerge, it is critical that all aircraft remain up to date with all diverse specifications. With the inclusion of nameplates as a requirement, these items are an advantageous component often overlooked on most aircraft. Within this blog, we will discuss the importance of aircraft identification nameplates and why they are crucial to keeping employees, passengers, and organizations safe.

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There are several basic flight instruments located in the cockpit - they may be traditional physical instruments, or digitized. When a pilot gets their Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) rating, they are required to pilot the aircraft based on the information displayed on these instruments. Some of the indispensable instruments are the airspeed indicator, altimeter, attitude indicator, heading indicator, turn coordinator, and vertical speed indicator. They can be categorized based on corresponding systems that relay proper information to the instruments: the pitot-static system, the vacuum system, gyroscopic instruments, and the magnetic compass.

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