What Is Landing Gear and Why Is It Important?

Landing gear, an essential component of any aircraft, plays a pivotal role in ensuring safe takeoffs and landings. It encompasses a complex system of mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical components, all working harmoniously to support the aircraft during these critical phases of flight. In this blog, we will delve into the fundamentals of landing gear, discussing its various components, functions, and why it holds such paramount importance in aviation.

The Anatomy of Landing Gear

To understand the significance of landing gear, it is good to have a basic understanding of a general assembly’s composition. Typically, landing gear consists of three major components: the landing gear struts, wheels and brakes, and the retraction system. These components, together with hydraulic and electrical systems, facilitate the aircraft's seamless transition from sky to ground, and vice versa.

The Hydraulic System: The Power Behind Landing Gear Assemblies

One of the most critical elements of landing gear is the hydraulic system. This system utilizes hydraulic fluid to generate the force necessary to raise and lower the landing gear during takeoff and landing. As such, hydraulic systems are preferred due to their ability to provide significant power within a confined space.

When actuated, the hydraulic system ensures that the extension and retraction of landing gear occurs smoothly and precisely. Hydraulic fluid, typically an incompressible oil, is pressurized and then directed to the appropriate cylinders to extend or retract the landing gear. This controlled movement is essential for maintaining the aircraft's balance and stability throughout the landing process.

The Electrical System: Keeping It All in Check

While the hydraulic system powers the landing gear, the electrical system is equally vital in ensuring that the gear functions correctly. Electrical sensors and switches are strategically placed to monitor the position of the landing gear throughout the flight. These sensors provide real-time feedback to the flight crew, indicating whether the landing gear is up or down.

Additionally, the electrical system is responsible for providing power to the landing gear's warning indicators, which inform the pilot if there are any anomalies in landing gear deployment. The collaboration between the hydraulic and electrical systems ensures the safe operation of the landing gear, a testament to the importance of redundancy and safety in aviation.

Why Is Landing Gear So Important?

  • Safety during Takeoff and Landing: The most obvious reason for the significance of landing gear is safety. A malfunctioning or damaged landing gear could lead to catastrophic consequences during takeoff or landing. Properly functioning landing gear provides stability and ensures that the aircraft remains level, preventing nose dives or tilting that could lead to accidents.

  • Weight Distribution: Landing gear plays a crucial role in distributing an aircraft’s weight across its structure, as even weight distribution is essential for maintaining the aircraft's balance, especially during takeoff and landing. Uneven weight distribution can result in tipping or structural damage, endangering the aircraft and its passengers.

  • Aerodynamic Efficiency: Landing gear design is carefully optimized to minimize drag during flight, this efficiency contributing to fuel savings and overall aircraft performance. Additionally, retractable landing gear allows the aircraft to achieve better aerodynamics once airborne.

  • Emergency Scenarios: In the event of an emergency landing, functional landing gear becomes even more critical. It helps absorb the impact, dissipating energy and reducing the risk of injury to passengers, as well as damage to the aircraft.


The importance of landing gear cannot be overstated, as it safeguards the lives of passengers and the integrity of the aircraft, making it a cornerstone of aviation safety and performance. When you are looking for reliable landing gear parts and other similar product solutions, you can count on NSN Components. Every supplier we source from is rigorously vetted by our team of industry experts, and a myriad of inventory items undergo all necessary testing and inspection to uphold fit, form, and function. Keeping that in mind, start the purchasing process for the items that you require from us today, and experience how we can serve as a dependable distributor for all your needs.


September 27, 2022

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